Department of Colonia. Km. 0 River Uruguay. Lat 33º7'S Long 58º6W

General description:

Nueva Palmira is situated at km. 3 on the right bank of the River Uruguay 300 km northwest of Montevideo and has a population of about 10.000. It lies at the mouth of the River Uruguay and faces the mouth of the Paraná Bravo (the northern arm of the Paraná where it flows into the River Plate Estuary). For some years now it has been declared a free zone and is best known for the private transshipment terminal established by Messrs Corporacion Navios S.A. where certain bulk cargoes ex barges from Brazilian, Bolivian and Paraguayan up-river ports are discharged, stored and then loaded as exports on ocean going vessels.

Description of port installations and berths:

At Nueva Palmira in addition to Navios Terminal there is the state owned wharf known as the "Official Wharf". This lies inmediately north of the Navios Terminal and in line with its outer berth.

Corporacion Navios S.A. Transhipment Terminal

Medical aid: Available.
Fresh water: Available.
Repairs: Only minor repairs can be effected.
Bunkers: At this pier not available, only on the roads by tanker from Montevideo.

State owned wharf known as "Official Wharf":

Made of reinforced concrete 84 meters length 22 meters wide and joined to shore by a 240 meters reinforced concrete causeway, draft: 32' at cero. In 1991 the quay was extended on northern side for a further 236 meters giving a total length of 320 meters. At same time a conveyor belt was laid onto this part of the quay from the nearby grain elevator and a rail-mounted dockside grain loading tower and chute installed. Loadrate 4/500 TPH.

Terminales Graneleras Uruguayas S.A. storage capacity: 70.000 tons. (wheat base)

  • Concrete vertical silos, warehouse-silo and horizontal cell.
  • Thermometry and airation system in all warehouses.
  • Product identity and traceability is preserved.
  • Two platforms for truck reception.
  • Grain preparation plant.
Medical aid: Available.
Fresh water: Available.
Repairs: Only minor repairs can be effected.
Bunkers: Can be supplied by truck from Montevideo.

Terminales Graneleras Uruguayas S.A.

Terminal Ontur International S.A.